Scroll below for an important update regarding COVID-19.

Call today (859)258-2555

Call today (859)258-2555

Call today (859)258-2555Call today (859)258-2555Call today (859)258-2555

Family Law Attorney

Call today (859)258-2555

Call today (859)258-2555

Call today (859)258-2555Call today (859)258-2555Call today (859)258-2555

Family Law Attorney

Susan B. Jones Attorney at Law

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice on Continued Operations

The global impact of Coronavirus has been unprecedented, and just as each of you, we are taking the

situation one day at a time. Our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of

coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know that my office takes the safety and wellbeing and representation

of our clients very seriously. We will be making accommodations as needed to adjust the office

operation to diligently continue the representation of new and current clients in accord with the office’s

COVID-19 plan.

As a solo practitioner I continue to practice from my office daily. However, I am meeting with clients

through teleconferencing and through conference apps such as Zoom. With modern technology I can

smoothly continue our operations.

At this time our circuit court clerks remain open to accept new filings and motions. We have been e-

filing pleadings for some time now, thus there is no delay in filing new cases and we continue to file

pleadings in existing cases through e-filing. The courts remain open for emergency matters. However,

previously scheduled court appearances have been adjourned until further notice. In family law practice

much of our work already occurs outside the courthouse through financial disclosures, discovery,

settlement negotiations and mediation; thus COVID-19 does not interrupt much of typical family law


Thank you for your understanding and patience during these trying times. We know that your family law

issues do not just disappear because we must shelter in place. In fact, in many situations the quarantine

will only serve to make these issues worse. Susan B. Jones, Attorney at Law remains ready to help! My

office remains dedicated to serving your needs in this new normal and to further your best interests as

always. While the developing situation surrounding COVID-19 is serious, at this office we are focused on

combating fear with proactive solutions rather than reactive retreats.

We continue to be in the office, and you can contact me through email or office phone or office cell



Office phone: (859) 258-2555

Cell phone: (859) 493-2201

Again, we know these are trying times for all of us and my

office remains open to serve the needs of new and

existing clients. We wish everyone the best during this